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Thread: Deniska PSP Dev Site Returns

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    Default Deniska PSP Dev Site Returns

    After the hacking of DCEmu earlier in the year many of our websites were lost and then merged into one website, this meant a lot of homebrew releases were lost in the wilderness. One of DCEmu`s favourite coders over the years was and still is Deniska who is famous for so many releases for the PSP Homebrew scene, many that gave some of the very biggest homebrew releases over the years for the PSP.

    Let me remind you of his releases:

    Deniska whos site is now back to life was the coder behind Map This which was a map software for the PSP which actually sold thousands worldwide and gave the GPS adapter for the PSP a reason for owning it. Deniska was also responsible for ports of opensource games such as Rise of The Triad, Bermuda Syndrome, Biniax 2, Circus Linux!, Dave Gnukem PSP, Defendguin, Dodgin' Diamond II,Hex-A-Hop, Jazz JackRabbit, Kill Everything That Moves, Metal Blob Solid, Nicky Boom, Nicky II, Nikwi Deluxe, Noiz2sa, Project Starfighter ,Reverzi PSP, Supertux, Toppler, Tyrian. Relive the best days of the PSP Homebrew scene once more.

    Check out Deniska`s site here -->

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    And it's with the help of Deniska's tutorials that I ported Frontier Elite II to PSP.
    Thank you Deniska

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