MotoHeroz will release for WiiWare on 15th September for 1500 Wii Points (10.20).
It's made by Finnish developer RedLynx of Trials HD fame.
As such, MotoHeroz shares many similarities with the great Trials: refined 2D side-scrolling platform-racing that involves getting a vehicle through an obstacle-strewn course as quickly possible.
MotoHeroz is much more cartoon-colourful and friendly, however, with no restarting at checkpoints when things go wrong. You simply waggle the Wiimote and you're back on all fours and back in the race.
Time-trial ghosts are present, as are leaderboards, and there's same-screen local multiplayer for four people.
RedLynx has also promised to deliver a new challenge every day, be it a new course or a new leaderboard.
Tom Bramwell had a much more in-depth look at MotoHeroz for Eurogamer earlier this year.