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Thread: Boring Killer v1.0

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    Default Boring Killer v1.0


    Boring Killer is a unique program that gives you the chance to paint on the touch screen using weapons (you heard), lets take your creativity, your imagination and your desire to use a gun for a real masterpiece, you can load bmp files and saving and editing, to wait, reload your ammunition, he says, and turns your Nintendo DS!. To be presented for the first Scenery Beta 2011 .

    Autor: The Dark Master . Author: The Dark Master .

    The usage is very simple, select the sniper looks at the main menu brings up a blank canvas, load your anger and your bored and start banging on the touch screen to split the screen with a hammer, if you consider that the hammer is little thing you have at hand a minigun, a shotgun, a flamethrower, rocket launcher, dynamite, a paintball gun, stamps, a chainsaw, a taser. Once you have painted or scrawled a picture, you can press the Start button and save your changes.

    Saved photos are stored in the root of the flash card with the bmp extension and the name "pantalla_editada.bmp" if you want to add an image to the canvas rather leave this place a bmp image in the root with the name "screen . bmp ", if the program is automatically load it.

    Controles: Controls:
    Stylus: To choose the main menu or draw, or hit a gun position.
    Start button: Save the canvas.
    L and R Buttons: Change of a weapon to another.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
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