First Activision, now Sega. Not happy with just challenging Call of Duty in the shooter space, EA?says it has big ambitions for the footie sim category.

The company has revamped its FIFA Manager game, and believes that the series can – in the long term – rival Football Manager.

“We believe we’re very much the entry level into football management games,” EA’s producer for FIFA Manager 12 Adrian Curry told MCV. “If you’ve got an interest in football but feel Football Manager can be a bit daunting, our games are very accessible for coming into this genre. We’ve improved the 3D side of things and the AI has had a total makeover.

“There’s a lot of simplicity to be had in the game. The assistant managers can do a lot for you, while the menus are simplified. We want to make it as easy as possible for someone to enter the genre.”

Sega’s Football Manager series has sold over 7m copies worldwide to date, while topping the UK PC games charts a humongous 108 times.“It’s very much a long-term commitment to try and reach that level,” Curry added.

“Obviously the franchise is profitable for us otherwise we wouldn’t be making it, but there’s definitely room for growth within the UK market.”FIFA Manager 12 is out on October 21st.