This Thursday sees the launch of a DSiWare version of Cut The Rope as part of the Nintendo eShop update.
The popular Chillingo physics-based puzzle game made its name on the iPhone last year.
Cut The Rope is joined by TwinBee, a remastered version of the 16-year-old Konami cartoon-themed vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up. On Nintendo 3DS it has 3D visuals and forms a part of the 3D Classics range.
Nintendo eShop update: 22/09/11
  • 3D Classics TwinBee (3DS) - 5
  • Anonymous Notes Chapter 2 - From The Abyss - (DSiWare) - 2, 200 DSi Points
  • Cut The Rope (DSiWare) - 5, 500 DSi Points
  • 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix (WiiWare) - 700 Wii Points