CaH4e3 updated his site with the following message:
- Street Fighter VI 16 Peoples (Unl)[!]. Next portion of pirate crap arrived. Little more interesting now is "Street Fighter VI" with 8 playable characters. It's a simple parent of "Street Fighter VI 12 Peoples" which contains only 6 characters and just only 2 different arenas. This version contains 8 full different arenas for each character, the same as in "Street Fighter V (20 Peoples)" dumped earlier, but character selection menu and VS screens was derived from it's simple parent.
Mapper hardware for this cart is MMC3 with bit 0 of address line moved to bit 1, so it can't be played on another emulators as mapper 4, but I hacked current fceumm build to support this little tweak, so enjoy. If there is some other games on MMC3 that stop working because of that, let me know.
- Kang Ti Wu Wang (Ch)[!]. That was nice cart too, another one dance simulator, but produced on standalone cartridge, instead of TV plug&play dance mat or console. You can see the whole bunch of other dance simulators here.
- 2-in-1 J-M2 (Unl)[!], 2-in-1 King005 (Unl)[!], 9-in-1_King001_(Unl)[U][!]. Recently reversed some of my old SuperGame carts and rewrite old 8237 unif board to support all it's protection modes (4 permutation tables for registers and addresses + 1 clean MMC3). Now most of the SuperGame cartridges can be played as iNES mapper 215, assigned to this board (old code was removed), also removed completely 182 mapper, the duplicate of 114 mapper source, all 182 mapper games redefined to 114 by CRC check. Latest fceumm supports all of this.
As a side effect, I discovered that a bunch of SuperGame carts have hardware DIP switch to enable or disable game menu, switching cart to simple or multigame modes. Some of my carts was locked multigames, and some old dumps in goodnes contains partially data from the multigame side. So MK3Extra60 and Pokahontas 2 now known to have overdumped CHR data bank, extra 256K of CHR for these games comes from another game.
I redumped my old carts and dumped some new cartridges after unlocking the full data. Shinobi here is an original protected version of the game, version dumped before was just unprotected earlier build. Another one 9-in-1 cart contains 4Mb of data on board, but since original mapper couldn't support more than 2Mb, and there is no way to use iNES format with CHR data bank 2Mbin size, this one is assigned as different unique UNIF board and comes in UNIF format, which is supported by latest fceumm version. Note: Lion King has an unknown problem, which I still trying to figure out.
- Highway Star (Kaiser)[U][!], Ninja Turtles 5 (Unl)[!]. In the end some mode pirate hacked crap. Kaiser now hacked MMC1 game to simple board, instead of FDS conversion, so sad. ;( And for thoose of us who interested, another one TMNT hack with number 5. This time title was hacked for Toxic Crusaders game, since there is no need to hack character graphics, crusader itself very much similar to mutant turtle.
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