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Owen offers us " Starfield "tech demo for the Nintendo Wii, field effect of stars used in his play" Owen Shooter ".

Starfield IS a small app to Demonstrate That Was Written That the starfield effect I use in Newo Shooter. I wrote this program for beginners Who Wants to Get Into Wii homebrew. Uses GRRLIB. It Is not a game. Can you modify the included source to simulate Things like warps, rain and Various Other flying effects.
[edit] How it works Check the source. The C program Basically Draws Some lines in 3D space inside a single block GX. Half the lines are a different color and are moving Slower Than The Other Half. The lines move from the back of the box to the front (-1 to 1) and are back at -1 Placed If They Become Greater Than 1. Lines are Better Than dots Because THEY Provide a nice motion blur appearance. You Can Interact with the effect by pressing buttons appropriée. If you change the angle you can make it look like rain, heavy rain or a slow drizzle. You Only Need draw_stardust the void () function, the rest of the code is just for the demo There to purpose and IS NOT needed.