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KazoWAR proposes a new version of its audio file player for the Nintendo DS SHEQ, " NDS Music Player ", based on his own player finca 'SHEQ Player .

September 15, 2011
- Automatic play mode added. Push to select enable / disable it.
- Track Fadeout option added. Push Y to make it happen. (Aussi Will Happen in auto-play mode After two loops of a Given sequence.)
- File names with special characters, like Pokemon, no follow causes problems for SPS Maker.
- Pause mode added. Push Start to pause / resume Given a sequence. September 14, 2011 - Single track sequence added support. - seq_bpm bug fixed. That sequences now expect to Be Played back at 360 bpm, Actually Correctly play back at 360 bpm, INSTEAD OF 240 bpm, queuing up for the Remaining 120 a future sequence Expects To Be Played That slow. September 12, 2011 - Implemented support for future use with front-ends, like moonshell and the like. Merged Those in exchange. September 10, 2011 - SPS now Have all of the dummy load is removed sequence entries in SSEQPlayer. <No Entry> is no longer skipped. 1.0g: Updated again, this time SSEQPlayer, to make 100% certain valid SPS EVERY That Correctly File is listed. As a side effect, if the rom file for Which year SPS belongs IS Moved / deleted, then the SPS is no longer listed in SSEQPlayer.