The Nyko Power Pak+ does an admirable job of keeping Nintendo's 3DS out of the red, but what if you want an extended battery that won't fit in your pocket? Look no further than CTA Digital's Deluxe Power Grip, the 3DS cradle that doubles your console's bulk to match its newly extended battery life. The grip's form mimics that of an Xbox 360 controller, replete with a 2600mAh battery pack and a game-card storing kickstand. The peripheral's grips seem to lend better access to the handheld'sawkwardly positioned D-pad, but its real triumph comes in the option to charge the unit via USB; folks looking for a standardized charging solution can kick Nintendo's official AC adapter to the curb. Comfy grips and USB compatibility will set you back about $30. Not convinced? Barrel roll past the break for the official PR and a cheesy overview video.