Good news and bad news... And I'll give the bad news first: Coldbird, one of the developers behind the PRO custom firmware, has decided to up 'n quit the scene. Why? Because haters keep hatin' ... simple as that. These guys provide a free service in their spare time and when you flame 'em it doesn't sit well. So be it ... it is what it is. The good news: CFW PRO-C is still in development and there are still plans for the new online mode.

New online mode? Hells yeah... Apparently this mode will add infrastructure over Ad-hoc, similar to XLink Kai, only you won't actually need XLink -- just the custom firmware. Codestation has taken over the code and hopefully can continue where Coldbird left off. As for a release date ... there is none.

In the meantime you can download CFW 6.60 PRO-B9. It works with all PSP models.

Good lookin' VF, neur0n and Codestation. May the force be with you.

And best of luck in your future endeavours, Coldbird