Condorstrike offers a kind of screen saver for PS3 intended for use with Multiman.

New / fixed: - Added MP3 player (beta) - Added more dynamic effect, more particles and planets - Disable FTP and replacement by the browser / FTP Deank (broswer.self) - Fixed rotation planets - Added key: press and hold X to display - Fixed a bug in the 2nd stage - Added wire-framed Hologram - Added output to the XMB - Added XMB PIC1.PNG - Cleaning the code and something else by the author forgot the MP3 player - MP3 Place in the "audio" to the root of a USB device - key down to change music - Press and hold the X button to display the caption - Press to display SQ Browser / FTP - Press O to exit - Press Triangle to launch Multiman - Press Select to pause, Start to resume the future updates will bring improvements to the code and plug-ins for the mp3 player. Multiman Solar Edition V2.3 Official website: