Usually a game console is made to play any more but maybe you can do other things such as play music, video, visit the Net and why not learn other languages! ! Yes it is possible by Nakano!

Nakano is a Japanese developer came to the PSP scene in 2011 at the Genesis Competition Forum PSP
We presented "Any Language study" , carried out with the homebrew LUA language, which allows to learn the basics Japanese language with explanatory pictures and mini-games in a dynamic organization and ideal for beginners. This homebrew has changed the son to join versions in its catalog of other languages ​​as well as exercises, tests, a "little" dictionary and a translation function recently, all on PSP. Our friend continues to work even after the end of the contest of 2011 Wololo, he offers us a new version 3.0 of its beautiful homebrew ever more novelty. 's New / Fixes: - Added a menu of quick passage to change the language and translation. - Added support for custom styles, the second style was provided by passingby forum - User can now determine the The order of buttons with the file buttons.ini - In a list of words, the position of buttons, alignment and text position can be determined. - Added a list of flags provided by passingby to demonstrate and facilitate the use of new features and functions.