Kakaroto updates its game clone of Crayon Physics.

The main update is the support of the Ps Move. Mouse and joystick are always compatible, but if you have a camera connected to PS Eye, the game will manage the Move Ps. Ps If the Move is detected, the ball will turn white at that time, you must aim the camera and press the Action button for calibration, then the ball will change color. You can always press the Action button to calibrate the game, when you calibrate you do not move, the ball will change color to his or over, if it becomes white, then you have moved and have to start over. There are two game modes, the first selected by default, is a 3d cord, you must move the entire controller (reaching to achieve corners), the second mode uses the gyroscope of Ps Move, just point and rotating the cursor will move. You can switch the select button. A bug that would crash the game, this in the previous version has been corrected. The game should be more stable. Control: Button Action = calibration Start Button = center the cursor on the screen Select Button = switch between modes T = Trigger button click The archive contains Pkg for Custom Firmware 3.41 and 3.55. Eskiss 2.0 Official site: kakaroto.homelinux.net