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    Default Crazy Golf v1.1

    ismaelWii has updated Crazy Golf to version 1.1. This DS project is a mini-golf game in which you must reach the hole with the fewest possible hits, while avoiding obstacles and falls. See the change log for what's new, and be sure join in on the on-going discussion linked below to give the author feedback or to report any bugs.

    QUOTE(Change Log 09/26/11)
    •Now you can move the camera before shooting.
    •Collision system improved:

    ◦now it's x10 more precise. (Thanks to Jayenkai)
    ◦Lower bounce, now it's more natural
    •Fixed bug with the direction marker when shooting with a 180-270 degrees angle.
    •Updated to devKitARM r34
    •Non open-source until next version (Major changes)

    Download via comments
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