A selection of "rare classic games" will be made available on the US PlayStation Store this week, according to Industry Gamers.
The move is part of Only On PlayStation Network, Sony's bid to draw attention to the range of exclusive games available from its PlayStation 3 download store. On October 4, PS2 classics including Capcom's high-camp brawler God Hand and hack-and-slash titleMaximo: Ghosts To Glory, Konami's strategy game Ring Of Red, and Vanillaware titles Odin Sphere and GrimGrimoire will be released.
As well as the old classics, October will also see the release of a host of PSN exclusives, starting on October 4 with Eufloria andRochard. Sideway: New York follows next week, with Sodium Collection due on October 13. Okabu and Rocketbirds launch on October 18 and, the following week, InFamous 2 expansion Festival Of Blood and Pixeljunk Sidescroller will be released.
PlayStation Plus subscribers will get a 20 per cent discount on all games released in the promotion, and those that spend $60 on the store during October will receive $10 credit for purchases in November.
We've contacted SCEE to ascertain whether the promotion only applies to the United States or will be rolled out worldwide, and are waiting to hear back from Capcom whether the PS2 games will be in original form or upscaled to HD.
UPDATE: We've had the following statement from Sony: "The Only On PlayStation Network programme is for the SCEA region only. However, we will be bringing the majority of the content to the SCEE audience, including classic PS2 titles. We have numerous exciting offers that we will be introducing to PSN users throughout our region in the lead up to Christmas and look forward to sharing these with you."