It seems that Subway and Naughty Dog's bizarre "Taste for Adventure" campaigndoesn't extend past US borders, as Uncharted 3's "Multiplayer Experience" heads to other parts of the world this Wednesday without help from the sandwich chain. The only caveat? You must have a subscription to PlayStation Plus to join in.

Sony's EU blog announced as much this morning, detailing the "Multiplayer Experience" as a chance for gamers in "Europe, South Africa, The Middle East, Australia and New Zealand" to check out U3's multiplayer -- post-beta -- for a full month before the game's early November launch. Don't fret, frugal non-PS Plus subscriber, as the announce additionally teases "other ways to gain access" to the multiplayer... thing via the PS blog and community forums.

Like the US version, participants will be able to carry over "key aspects" of their multiplayer experience to the retail version, such as XP. Other details are unfortunately scant, but Sony promises more soon.