Sony's PSN Import programme begins this week, with three lesser-known Japanese PlayStation games to launch on the European PlayStation Store.
All three ports have been handled by MonkeyPaw games, which has been busily converting obscure Japanese PSOne games to PS3 since PSN Imports launched in the US last September.
First is Arc The Lad, G-Craft's tactical RPG which was first released in Japan in 1995. It's joined by 1996 vertically-scrolling shooterSonic Wings Special, and Cho Aniki, a resolutely Japanese shooter accurately described by the PlayStation Blog as "a comic display of homoerotic, over-the-top graphics and Japanese wackiness on every level."
Sony announced in August that it had completed work on NTSC-J and NTSC-U PSOne emulators for PlayStation 3. All games released as part of the programme will be in their original form and require 60Hz displays to run properly.