Yakuza: Of The End will be released in the west in March 2012 under the name Yakuza: Dead Souls.
The game is a spin-off from the main Yakuza series, a thirdperson shooter starring protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and cohorts as they try to survive in a zombie-infested Kabukicho.
Gary Knight, senior vice president of marketing at Sega, said: "We know how much people love Yakuza in the west and with Dead Souls being the latest and greatest in the franchise it's only right we bring it to them closer to the Japanese release than ever."
The announcement was very much expected, following the discovery last week that Sega had applied for the Yakuza: Dead Souls trademark in Europe.
We reviewed the Japanese release of Yakuza: Of The End in E232, awarding it seven out of ten and saying: "While shooting zombies in the head is undoubtedly fun, then, it's made more so by the sub-missions, the distractions, the characters and, of course, the opportunity to take to familiar streets that are wrecked and torn into unfamiliar shapes."