Sledgehammer Games general manager Glen Schofield has said Modern Warfare 3 will be the most accessible Call of Duty game yet.

In part one of an interview with the former Visceral Games boss, he told us multiple gameplay innovations will make Modern Warfare 3 a more approachable title for those new to the series.

"... One of the things we did consciously was to use the levels in multiplayer and put them in Survival mode," he said. "That was to try and create this bridge so that people who do play single player, who are maybe a little intimidated by multiplayer, will sit down with a buddy and play co-op and go 'wow, that's cool. I'm really getting to know this level. I get the upgrade system now, I get it all.' And then they could jump into multiplayer."

Asked if Modern Warfare 3's a more accessible Call of Duty than ever before, Schofield added: "Absolutely. Then if you think about adding Call of Duty Elite to it, if you want to jump into multiplayer after you learn Spec-Ops and just use your friends list to play, then you're given a higher level of comfort.

"It's one of the things we've been hearing: 'I don't want to jump into a game with a bunch of teenagers and get trash talked all the time. I want to actually have fun and get in there.' And a lot of people like that type of gameplay, but we're trying to make it so you can customise it for yourself."

Activision also released two new Modern Warfare 3 screens today, showing off some AC-130 gameplay from a freshly revealed, Paris-based campaign level called Iron Lady.