A pamphlet circulated at a Sony sales briefing in Japan has detailed how PSP owners will be able to continue playing their UMD collection on Vita. News of the pamphlet came from a Japanese retailer who claimed to be in attendance at the event.
Following the report, Sony development chief Yoshio Matsumoto revealed that Sony is considering offering a service which would allow owners of the UMD version of a game to download it again at a discounted price.
The PlayStation store already plays host to a great deal of PSP games in the wake of PSP Go's launch, but the above may hint at a more extensive back catalogue in future.
Meanwhile, the difference in cost between retail and download Vita games has also come to light with Sony announcing that the boxed copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss will cost 5980 Yen (49.85) while the download will be priced at 4900 Yen (40.85). No details on European or US pricing is yet forthcoming.