If you think of time as flat, and the progress of time as a man-made construct, it should help explain the erratic (and backwards!) schedule of Sam & Max releases on PlayStation Network. Last year, the third "season" of the pioneering episodic series -- dubbed "The Devil's Playhouse" -- marked the crime-solving duo's PS3 debut. And now, ostensibly using technology created for developer Telltale's Back to the Future games, the second season is available today.

Nearly four years after its PC debut, and two years after its XBLA release, Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space is coming to the PS3 for $20. If you're starting from scratch, you may want to further bend the laws of time and space (and economics!) by picking up the Sam & Max: MAX Pack, featuring both "Beyond Time and Space" and "The Devil's Playhouse." If we were betting dogs and rabbity-things, we'd guess a final release of season one, Sam & Max Save the World, can't be too far behind. And then you're born.