Having seemingly closed the door on PS3 piracy earlier this year, Sony once again faces the prospect of another piracy threat looming over its console.
Digital Foundry reports that a new USB dongle device, dubbed the JB2 (JailBreak2) is reportedly now available in Indonesia. When plugged into a PS3 it circumvents its security measures and allows for the running of illegal or copied code.
Interestingly, while games released prior to the PS3ís 3.60 patch (which itself was released to combat the original security loophole) will run off the hard drive newer titles must be run from Blu-ray.
An added inconvenience for pirates, of course, but this also presents the sordid possibility of a new trade in illegal game discs.
A global launch from the device is thought to be not far off, though Digital Foundry does add that at this point all talk of the device and its abilities remains speculative.