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Thread: PSP DiGi CoMix Reader v1 Released

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    Default PSP DiGi CoMix Reader v1 Released

    You know... You're supposed to keep your comics in clean, crisp condition; keep 'em in the plastic sleeve, tucked away deep in your closet, because in the future they could provide for your kids. My dad had a $#@!-load of original comics, issue #1s, way back in the day, but his dad called them "funny papers" and used 'em as target practice ... now I'm here. But anyway, enough about me... This is DeGenerationX's (or [Dx] for short) Digital Comic Reader for the PSP.

    PSP DiGi CoMix Reader v1 supports the most common digital comic format: .cbr -- and .cbz and compressed .rar too. [Dx] claims it is "about 500 times faster" than other comic readers and takes no time while scrolling.

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