Earlier this week, a member Tuhti advanced ps3news said to have found a way for key 3.72, it returns tonight with a video.

The story begins early in the week with the announcement, with a clone of Progskeet and after two weeks of hard work, he would have found a fairly simple feat and could not be revoked by Sony, because how the hack Glitch and as the first words of the team FailOverflow, this would be a hardware fault.

The exploit would work as follows: we start the PS3, the exploit is launched and export the keys on a USB stick. The author states that it releaser anything yet except for the custom firmware 3.72 ready for the end user. Tuhti said he would return early next week with evidence on video, it's done tonight with two days in advance and its first video, second video will come as agreed earlier this week.
This video shows access to the PSN and the launch of homebrews. The next video will show the launch of a backup. After a month the PS3 scene seemed frozen, we do not yet know what new will prove accurate JFW between the DH, the dongle Jailbreak 2 or this news, but it seems good omen. Thanks to the-dragon38 and green for the information.