The team Gitbrew (Glivland, Snowy and Durandal) continue their work on the PS3. During the week, Monday to Friday, the team has delivered five new releases including two for the Sony console.

The first two are intended for Linux systems. The third is a new team site for developers to share their work. The fourth release is a software tool debrickage the PS3 using any dongle activated "service mode" that with a new PUP achieved by the team and a file can lv2diag.self debricker the PS3 FAT 256MB Nand using beta versions of OS Other CFW + +. It can also repair the PS3 stuck on some errors MAJ. It can be tested on other types of brick, it can work as not. Usage: - Put the file with the PUP lv2diag.self at the root of a USB key. - Connect your dongle - Turn on the console - if the USB is enabled, you have a great chance that it can fix the error. - If it does not work, the only solution must be a hardware flash / brickfix The fifth release on the PSN games bought on the PSN that are disabled and would like to reactivate your CFW. The team released a utility that allows you NoPDRM facilitate this task. This tool has been tested and validated on CFW Other OS + + but can work on other CFW as not. The tutorial and the tools are available on this page: / releases It's not all, directors of CFW Other OS tell us they have made ​​significant progress in developing the PS3 RSX driver, this driver will allow one day to boot Linux on PS3 with optimal resolution and will use all the functions of GPU PS3 and why not a day to boot games on Linux or just plain making a CXMB ... Recall that incomplete version of this driver is already compiled and presented on their official website. The driver will be released within days. Finally, the team seeks Gitbrew beta-testers with PS3 firmware 3.56 mode service (3.56 + a console, if you activate the service mode, it will remain stuck above). Let's see what the story will end. If you admire the work of this team you support with your donation. Thanks to The-Green for the information. Homepage: