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Thread: PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle: be an earlier adopter on Feb. 15

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    Default PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle: be an earlier adopter on Feb. 15

    Uh oh, Sony's smart idea technicians have figured it out. The number one reason to purchase new gaming hardware, in its most expensive and least supported state, is to flaunt it in front of friends with fewer pixels. Pre-ordering the PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle -- starting at "select" retailers today -- will not only grant you a few extra goodies, but access to the system one week before its proper launch.

    In North America, the PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle includes a 3G + Wi-Fi variant of the hardware, a system case, a 4GB PS Vita memory card, and a copy of Little Deviants, a wacky minigame showcase of the Vita's abilities. That'll be $350, or $50 over the 3G Vita's suggested retail price. Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi only Vita will get a First Edition Bundle in Canada for $300.

    Of course, the biggest value here is that you can pick the bundle up on February 15, 2012. Yes, we know we're being petty and materialistic, but just look at the screen on this thing. Oh, no, it's not available to the masses yet, friend. This right here, this is the power button.

    Oh, you wanted to see Uncharted? Well ... how about, um, Little Deviants? That's a game that ... nobody else has, you know.

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    There is no F... way I'm falling for this kind of crap

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    I'm already clearing my throat ready to laugh at all those people impatient enough to import from Japan on release day, only to realise Duhhh... The games are all in Japanese, and of course all they have is pointless bragging rights that they just spent $450+ when they can't play any games until the American release, and then they stuck with an overpriced Japanese menu Vita.

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