Most of you already know - but just in case you missed it:

It's only a few days until the Replay Expo in Blackpool, UK (5/6 November 2011) - and we're having a small Pandora-Meetup there!

Both Craig, me and hopefully many community members and Pandora users will be there!

I'll arrive at Saturday about 1pm and will leave again on Sunday about 3pm.

We have a table setup in the Tournament hall, near the hall where the talks / presentations happen.

Additionally, we're having a talk about the Pandora there as well, though the time is not 100% fixed yet.

I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun there, so if you don't know yet where to go on that weekend and don't live too far away, you're welcome to join us!

There are also a lot of classic arcade machines there, so maybe we could play a game or two against each other.

More information on the official website.