The JFW DH whose output was expected mid-October just lost his creator.

This is indeed what it says on the website of DamonHades, the author of JFW DH. Quote:

I decided to stop because the insults against me are becoming more virulent.
The insulting me go yet, but I do not accept that it takes for my family or my mother who is not well physically.
Jaicrab Thank you for everything he did and gave me the strength to continue.
Thanks to Alejandro for his patience and tests for years, I wish him the best for the future.
Thank you my brother DanteHades all models DH JFW and for being a good brother.
Thanks to Blip, Mater, Tuhti, and other Consoledev for participating in what will be the custom for the community.
Thanks to Luca for giving me given the position of director in Ps3pirata.
Thanks to the testers JFW DH that I consider very good friends and colleagues.
And of course thank you to the whole community of demons and especially enjoy what you do.

The JFW DH has definitely not finished shedding of ink and its future seems uncertain, but Alejandro could take over the project and go to the end. The other interesting fact is that thanks to has been Tuhti recently with the announcement about the custom firmware 3.72 . This brings him there instead of credit or the discredit he? DemonHades by then retired from Ps3pirata and is survived by his JFW DH which may be terminated by the team. I will end with the two latest of their advanced custom firmware. The preloader the flash plugin is finished. This plugin kicks in with a special file on the memory stick and can boot before the Ps3 to dump and restore partitions. It starts before the VSH to switch from recovery, and verification of hardware and features 2 modes to update the plug-the-grid or start with settings for itself specific to the user.