The team behind the Cobra USB updates its Cobra Manager version 4.1, the firmware of the dongle version 4.1 and released a new tool for the dongle updater easily.

New / fixed: - New firmware update, focusing on support Psp. - Increased compatibility with PSP games. - Added support for backups Psp. In the previous version, the backups were working on Iso Psp generated from mini games. However, these backups are no longer compatible with this version. You can see the backup data in the data in the PS3 XMB. - Cobra Manager can now give an error when using a game patched by Prometheus, as those who are not compatible with the PSP emulator. - Added Updater Cobra in the download section. With this tool, you can update the dongle using a PS3 on firmware Cobra least version 4. Update USB dongle using the Cobra Ps3: - Download "Cobra-USB_PS3_Updater_v1_0.pkg" and install it in the Ps3. - Put the file. "CBA" update to the root of your USB drive. If more than one file, Cobra USB Updater choose the latest version. - Insert the USB into the PS3 and run Cobra USB Updater. Press Yes to install the update. - Wait until the process is completed and press Yes when prompted to restart the PS3. Homepage: