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Thread: Jailbreak Dongle 2: name said 'True Blue'

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    Default Jailbreak Dongle 2: name said 'True Blue'

    The name of the new dongle Jailbreak 2 was announced and its functionality.

    Welcome to the era of True Blue. Features: - Launch of 3.73 to 3.6 games with Blue-ray discs sold separately Special - Launch games to 3.56 from the hard drive using d a manager - do not need the trick power / eject - The custom firmware 3.55 behaves as an official firmware when the dongle is not plugged - Made from common ingredients and basic Actel - durable metal casing and high quality - Update to new features - Memory 2MB SPI Flash - Support for consoles Slim and Phat with 3.55 downgrader or any other console of 3.56 to 3.55 (the dongle does not function downgrade) - Support all regions and consoles Iso

    In addition, Mathieulh explained he understood how this dongle: - I think I understood how it works - they patched the LV1 and LV2 - They have the LV2 which verifies that the self keyset or 0 10 or higher - If there is, the response is sent via a hypercall LV1 separate different hvsc99 - Who then sends the self or part of it in USB dongle - Who operates some calculations crypto - and returns the result decrypted LV1 - basically that's what I understand after a few minutes of debugging - I'm pretty sure the keys are in the dongle

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