In recent days, the scene PS3 reborn from its ashes. With the arrival of the new dongle JB2, aka True Blue, the boot games that require a firmware higher than 3.60 is possible.

Hackers Site Ps3devwiki began reverse engineering the dongle is already available from some vendors in Indonesia. Today, it seems that the work is about to make the latest firmware customization possible as to the age of 3 , 55. The team says that the recent work done will help to dump the key "Per Console." What is the key "Per Console?" These keys will allow others to decipher between the metldr the bootldr and part of EID. Specifically, this discovery should lead to the publication of private keys which can subsequently lead to the creation of a new custom firmware. EID encryption is very complicated and is made ​​for this. The beginning of each EID0 is decrypted with a key and an algorithm alone. It is largely decrypted by the use of keys and algorithms. These keys are derived from the key consoles. Per_console_key_1 which is stored in the metldr to copy itself in the 0 and never leaves the insulation. This same key is derived from per_console_key_0 used to encrypt the metldr and bl. Isoldr deletes this key sector 0 before jumping into the isolated module, but before doing that, he-crypt with another set of key and be stored in a buffer. If you know this game works with a key AES encryption, you can go up the chain. per_console_root_key_0 - metldr is decrypted by this key - bootldr is decrypted by this key - can be obtained by per_console_root_key_1? per_console_root_key_1 / EID_root_key - derived from per_console_key_0 - Stored in metldr - Copy sector by metldr 0 - Cleared by isoldr - Used to decrypt a part of EID - Used to create additional keys - can be dumped by isoldr patched - Can be obtained by the derived keys up the chain per_console_root_key_2 / EID_key - Can be obtained by AES decryption since EID_root_key - EID can be partially deciphered by setting the key aim_spu_module.self - Load aim_spu_module.self + + EID0 EID0_key in anergistic EID0 decrypted = per_console_root_key_n - Key superior derivative of per_console_key_1/EID_root_key is for complex explanations that only developers can understand and use to normally move the Ps3 hack. Ps3devwiki The site offers downloads of these files is intended for developers and it says not to try to create customs at risk firmware with the brig. Mikratek Thanks for the information. Homepage: