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    Reviews Retro Cool Classic reviews

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    I know i havent been here for awhile and as you all know i have a job aswell but on my spare time i also work on videos that take a bit of time to work on. Everything is created by me title screen, music, narration etc the only thing not created by me is the games which are made by amazing companies. What my show is about is sharing my past and talking about the history of the games I enjoyed so much through my childhood. I believe this gives you the viewer some memories aswell and will also help new gamers understand where gaming started from and will help you purchase some great games from the past. I at the moment have 5 video's up and running and i hope to continue more with the help of you the viewer. If i get more views it gets me more excited in doing more videos which will of course get you more excited on the next episode. So please enjoy the episodes currently available at and let me know in comments what you think.

    Video Links:

    Super Mario All-Stars:

    Twisted Metal 2:


    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x:

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