My latest creation: Punch Out! Dynamic Theme for 6.39 cfw/lcfw
It took a while to hammer out some of the minor bugs, but it is finally ready for release!

[spoiler=Animated Preview (56k WARNING)][/spoiler]

- lots of animations
- removed umd disc xmb update
-download CTF directly to THEME folder
- PSP download enabler added to Network section of XMB
- unique music visualizers (EPILEPSY WARNING!!)
- lots more!

- ZiNgA BuRgA: rcoEdit, rcoMage, and endlessparadigm.com
- M33, GEN, ME, and PRO cfw Teams
- vegetano1: knowledge, offsets, and his OSK from mMod
- NothingFace420: for bits & pieces used from his Simple Design Theme
- wololo.net for strong support of the scene
- patpat & highboy for all there awesome tools!
- Davee & Bubbletune for all they have given the scene
- all supporters of the homebrew scene
- all the end users who support my work and use this theme

To users of other cfw: Sorry for the 6.39 only release. I'm sure a savvy end user will convert it to other cfw eventually..

Please leave your comments, I enjoy reading them for better or worse!

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YC5XY3J4