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Thread: TA-095 9G "6.20" upgrade of Frostegater

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    Default TA-095 9G "6.20" upgrade of Frostegater


    For more than a month, the developer Davee gave us his chrono-switch 5.0 downgrader , downgrade a PSP that allows 300X 9G recent switch to official firmware 6.20. This was previously impossible on the PSP 9G, the latter come from the outset in official firmware 6.30 and higher. The trick was to distort Davee some information on the motherboard to make it appear to update it's a PSP 300X 4G. downgrader focused on the passage advantage of CFW 6.20 for PRO-B 6.20 permanent. Unfortunately, this adventure has gone wrong for some people! First, the downgrade could not make his mark on a lot of PSP 9G. Then if successful downgrade, users were stranded in 6.20! The upgrade to 6.3 + always fails with an error IDXFFFFFFFF. In response, Frostegater , active PSP developer in 2011 gives us a solution to this problem with its TA-095 9G "6.20" upgrade . This special Updater corrects the error IDXFFFFFFFF and allows the release of 6.3 + updates easily to allow a return to higher firmware to 6.20. Just place the desired 6.3 + update by following the following path: / PSP / GAME / UPDATE / EBOOT.PBP Then start the homebrew that corrects the error and starts the update official, just follow the instructions below. Frostegater like to thank everyone who helped to achieve this Updater - Dave - Yoti - ErikPshat - Valras - neur0n TA-9G 095 "6.20" upgrade Homepage:

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