Lookie here -- an iPad app just got miniaturized. It's not too often we see the progress work in reverse, but one of Apple's flagship iPad programs has just been converted for use on the iPhone and iPod touch. It doesn't seem as if too much is changing -- outside of the shrunken display options, of course. You can still plug your electric guitar into either of Apple's more bantam iOS devices in order to record through classic amps and stompbox effects, or record your voice or any acoustic sound using the built-in microphone. The app enables users to record and mix up to eight tracks and then share the finished product with friends or send it to your Mac to keep working on it in GarageBand (the "real one") or Logic Pro. It'll run new users $4.99, but if you already purchased the iPad build, it's a free update to get the new ports. Oh, and if you're curious, the app now runs on iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPod touch (third and fourth generation). Tap the iTunes link below to snag your own copy.