Frozen Synapse, the game of intense, turn-based tactical planning and sudden simultaneous execution, is coming to the iPad. Posting on developer Mode 7's blog, managing director Paul Taylor reveals that the tablet version has been "in the works for a while," having already appeared in playable form at a pub meetup. Taylor says we can expect it sometime within the first half of next year, if all goes to plan.

Also part of the plan: cross-platform play between the iPad and other versions of Frozen Synapse. Taylor adds that the focus on the capable iPad port won't detract from existing platforms -- "we're actually working right now to hire another team member so we can give it more attention and update it more efficiently."

At the moment, Mode 7 consists of three core developers and a "group of trusted freelancers." Frozen Synapse has gained a lot of indie buzz in recent months, especially after becoming the star attraction in a recent Humble Indie Bundle.