Nintendo is hard at work on adding support for multiple controllers to Wii U, according to reports.
Sources close to Develop claim that supporting two of the Wii Utablet-style controllers is one of three things Nintendo is working on as it moves towards finalising the new console's specs ahead of its launch next year. RAM and processor speed are said to be the other concerns.
Shortly after company president Satoru Iwata unveiled Wii U at E3in June, Shigeru Miyamoto admitted that Nintendo's desire to release the system at a palatable price point meant that compromises may have to be made on the device's capabilities.
It was then claimed that the controller would only be available with the console, and not sold separately, with multiplayer games requiring the use of Wii remotes, with which Wii U is backwards compatible.
"Nintendo now know they absolutely need to support two tablets," the source said. "At E3 they didn't commit to this, but they know how important it is to make it technically feasible to support two screens.
"Even if that affects framerate, as a developer and player, I don't care. It needs to work. Developers will design appropriate games for this. If you're building a quiz game, you're not going to give a $#@! about the framerate."
Nintendo intends to show off the final version of Wii U at next year's E3.