LA Noire's original response tree was markedly different to the one in the final game, former Team Bondi head Brendan McNamara has revealed, with the "doubt" option originally labelled "force".
Speaking at the Bradford Animation Festival earlier this week, McNamara explained why protagonist Cole Phelps often took a hard line when questioning witnesses when players had expected him to strike a softer, inquisitive tone and tease out further information.
"A lot of people say that Aaron [Staton, who played Phelps] goes a little bit psycho with some of the questions you ask in the game," he said. "When we originally wrote it, the questions you asked were Coax, Force and Lie. So Force was a more aggressive answer, and that's where we actually recorded it.
"But when the game came out, it was Truth, Doubt and Lie, so everyone says that Aaron on the second question goes psycho, but that's just the way we wrote it from before."
McNamara spoke at length about LA Noire's reportedly troubled development, which ultimately led to the studio closing down owing more than a million dollars to its own staff. For our full interview with McNamara - in which he gives his side of the Team Bondi collapse, and discusses the future of LA Noire's groundbreaking MotionScan technology - click here.