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Free Heroes2 Engine is a free implementation of Heroes of the Might and Magic II engine using SDL.

Nov, 09, 2011 (2693 rev.)
  • Added: option: "world: Wind/Water Mills can be captured"
  • Added: option: "world: guardian objects gets +2 defense"
  • Added: option: "world: use enhanced artifact info dialog"
  • Fixed: AI: on water action, add pre battle action
  • Fixed: game: redraw status window, after join troop
  • Fixed: game: add save Kingdom::last_lose_hero object
  • Fixed: game: shipyard redraw order for necr castle
  • Fixed: world: place monster count MonthOfMonster
  • fixed: world: army GetSurrenderCost
  • Fixed: world: more passable objects
  • Fixed: world: maps events correct
  • Fixed: world: update UltimateArtifact
  • Fixed: world: WeekOf/MonthOf grown
  • Fixed: world: artifacts exempt MovePts/half damage/spell cost/double effects
  • Fixed: heroes: visiting objects: Buoy, Sirens, Mermaid, Skeleton
  • Fixed: heroes: cast DD - spell point decrease
  • Fixed: heroes: new day - regenerate sp
  • Fixed: battle: damage info limit coord
  • Fixed: battle: redraw troop with catapult
  • Fixed: battle: genie ability, genie attack, huge damage
  • Fixed: battle: log window show correct
  • Fixed: battle: popup attack dialog