The Pokémon Company may be gearing up to make yet another teased announcement at a Manga/anime expo in Japan next month.
The latest issue of Japan's Jump magazine has confirmed that next month's Jump Fest will be the first to feature the Pokémon series, and that there will be surprises in store.According to Andriasang, the mag teases: "Pokémon makes first appearance at JF!! Surprising information on the show floor?" before going on to say that a "big surprise" awaits at the Pokémon booth.
A Pokémon announcement has been rumoured/teased on numerous occasions in recent months, with the latest rumour sparked by a newly-registered web domain suggesting Nintendo could be preparing to announce a new 'Pokémon Grey' title - thought to be the 'Pokémon Yellow'-style third version of the Pokémon Black/White Version games.
Jump Festa takes place on December 17 and 18 in Japan.