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Thread: Block Dude Ported, Released for PSP

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    Default Block Dude Ported, Released for PSP


    Representing "Block Dude" is cmbeke with his latest development effort... Ported from the original TI-83/4 calculator game is the classic that you've likely seen or played elsewhere; if you're a longtime reader then you may even recall SG57's version back in '08. This one however differs graphically (and behind the scenes, code-wise).

    cmbeke's version is written in Lua using seanpaul223's qOOP -- it includes all 11 original levels and uses the same passwords to jump levels. Use the d-pad to move left/right; press up to climb and down to lift/drop boxes; press the right trigger to restart a level and circle to return to the main menu.

    There you have it! Enjoy.

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