Sony has announced the retail price of two of its Japanese PS3 launch titles, Insomniac's Resistance: Fall of Man and Sony's own Genji: Days of the Blade.

Both titles will retail for 5980 yen in Japan (about 27 GBP or 50 USD) and Sony also confirmed that its upcoming dirt-racer, Motorstorm (releasing December 7 in Japan) will be sold at the same price.

Speculation had suggested that Sony would opt for a price closer to the yen equivalent of 60 USD, roughly what third parties will be looking for in the Japan and the US. Sega announced last week that both of its titles, Sega Golf Club and Sonic the Hedgehog will go on sale for 7140 yen (32 GBP or 60 USD) in the country, and other third parties have announced higher pricing for their titles as well.

Sony recently inadvertedly listed US prices on its Sony Style store, saying games including Untold Legends, Call of Duty 3 and Full Auto 2 will retail for $59.99.

This first-party pricing news comes hot on the heels of the recent Japanese price-cut announcement, which according to Japanese technology site ITmedia has given Sony's console a much-needed jump in interest in the country. According to its survey, 39% of respondents plan to buy the console by the end of next year, which is certainly good news for Sony after months of bad press swamped its console.

Sony is yet to make any announcements on European game pricing and you probably shouldn't expect direct Yen to Pound conversions, but we'll certainly let you know when any new info trickles out.