Microsoft announced back in October that it would be bringing live FiOS TV channels to the Xbox 360 (along with some offerings from Comcast), and Verizon has now finally filled in most of the specifics. As expected, you'll need both FiOS TV and internet, plus an Xbox Live Gold membership to access the "select" live channels (up to 26 depending on your TV package), but Verizon is making a special offer available to coincide with the launch. You can get its FiOS Triple Play package including FiOS internet, TV and phone, plus a year of Xbox Live Gold for $89.99 a month if you sign up before January 21st, and Verizon will also throw in the new anniversary edition of Halo. What's more, Verizon has also confirmed that the new service will make use of Kinect voice and gesture controls, and it's accepting orders for the new bundle package right now -- the service itself will be available next month.