News/release from Mick Waites:

I am pleased to finally announce that I have released Xor version 1.03 for GameBoy Advance.
This version has a fix for the three new levels that had problems in version 1.02. If I'd got round to testing the levels before uploading the build then it would have helped...
Anyway, this new version, as before, works with your old saves. IE all you progress won't be lost by downloading this new version.
There is also one other fix in this version. I'd managed to revert the level "The Decoder" back to it's original state when I added the new levels to version 1.02. This meant that the clues you get to decoding the password in version 1.02 are absolutely useless for my password. If you've finished this level in version 1.02 - first of all "Well done!" it's a difficult game. Secondly, complete the level again on version 1.03 and you'll be able to see the correct clues for my password.

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