Welcome to this week's Movie/Music news roundup, containing new Japanese and Hong Kong Video and Music releases from this week listed at Play-Asia.com.
Tohoshinki wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. Usually stylish, with a hardened edge, the boys now show everyone a softer side in Winter Rose. All tinkling lights, snow flakes and the longing for someone, the song brings warmth to their fans in this freezing weather.

The CD+DVD version carries music videos of Duet and the CD only version comes with the reversible version of Winter Rose. While Winter Rose's lyrics told the story of a man's longing, the Reversible version tells the woman's story.

When Namie Amuro released Can You Celebrate, she defined romance and whipped the world into a frenzy. 14 years later, she is going to do the same with Love Story. The song is about the loneliness people feel daily and their desire for love, Amuro interpreted the lyrics with feelings and brings out both the glamour and the melancholy.

Gackt infuse this week's releases with energy. Graffiti is the 3rd opening theme for Sket ...[more]