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Thread: SnezziDS v0.28 - Snes Emulator for DS

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    NDS SnezziDS v0.28 - Snes Emulator for DS

    Bubble2k has released a new version of his Snes emulator for the Nintendo DS, heres whats new:

    DS-specific Fixes and Features:
    - Overhauled the graphics engine to make use of the DS VRAM
    (most games have less graphical glitches now)
    - Implemented Mosaic effect.
    - Aligned the SNES ROM to 64KB boundary.
    (Chrono Trigger now works like Snezziboy on the DS)
    - Modified Snezzi builder to allow building of 32Kbyte ROMs.
    (32Kbyte Demos seem to work fine noW)
    - Reallocated memory to various parts of the ITCM/DTCM/VRAM
    - Implemented line-by-line mechanism for the following graphic registers:
    - - Horizontal/Vertical scroll offsets
    - - background disable/enable (hide/show)
    - - tilemap address
    - - screen brightness
    - - screen transparency
    - - screen mode (allows mid-frame switch between screen mode 1-6 to screen mode 7 and back)
    (does not support mid-frame switch between modes 1-6 to modes 1-6)
    (Chrono Trigger works fairly well aside from backgruond priority issues,
    which causes any game screen that has a warp zone to fill up with white/blue circles, 16x16 tiles are still not supported)
    - - Mode 7 rotate/scaling registers
    (F-Zero is playable!)
    - Fixed Megaman7/XMen speed problems by protecting the ROM region, and allowing only Read access. (Previous it was allowing Read/Write access)
    - Implemented delayed NMI/IRQ triggered. NMI/IRQs are now triggered 4 SNES clock cycles after the point in which they are fired.
    (Chrono Trigger intro now gets past the Courtroom Trial Scene, and possibly some other lock ups)

    - Fixed a bug with the writing to register $211A
    (Contra 3 title screen/Castlevania 4's bridge now works again)
    - Fixed a bug when reading from $2137 register that causes the horizontal and vertical counters to latch incorrectly.
    - Fixed a critical bug with the MVP instruction to load the source and destination banks in the correct order.
    - Fixed a critical bug with the MVP instruction to decrement the X and Y registers per move (previously it was incrementing the X and Y registers.
    - Revised the per scanline timing downwards:
    FastROM: 227 cycles
    SlowROM: 200 cycles (???)
    - Fixed the 16-bit decimal mode SBC to subtract correctly; operand was previously incorrectly set up
    (Knights of the Round no longer gets stuck at the score countdown screen)
    - Fixed computation of the Mode 7 registers to the GBA's/DS's rotation modes.
    (Super Soccer's intro where the ball flies toward the screen shows up
    correctly now)

    Download and Give Feedback and Compability Reports Via Comments

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    Trying it on m3 mini sd now.I'll report back with the results.

    Edit: All the games I tryed did'nt work.These games include Secert Of Mana 1 and 2,Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Super Mario Allstars.The only one that actually started was Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and it just froze anyway.

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    holy crap those guys have been buzy !!

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    lets hope its as good as the last version

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    Wow, that's a lot of improvements. F-Zero is now playable! But will it work on MMD?

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    Default Yeah!

    Well, tried Megaman X and Chrono Trigger and here is my report...

    MegaMan X: Works quite well actually and I went under water too and it wasn't that bad! (There was a little background over another problem but the thing worked pretty good even with that! Sound was good but maybe a little "off" by places... But the music seemed good!

    Chrono Trigger: The game starts... but as soon as I reach Lucca's house, it freezes (while entering). But it I still played a bit before that... The sounds, mostly music, was off by alot thought...

    But the work is great and I still play some Snes game on my DS! That's so sweet!

    Oh, I use a Supercard latest update/Superkey...

    Good job!

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    This is nice to see progress on this great emulator for DS. It is an amazing job, thanks Bubble2k

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    Does this run any faster?? Was a LITTLE too slow last version i tried.

    But excellent, excellent work.

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    Theres still on FAT support is there?

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    I just want ultimate mortal kombat 3 one way or another! I'll pay for it nintendo! I"LL PAY GOOD MONEY for it if you release it for DS!

    I've tried it using this, it doesn't work on the SOUND version but it does work on the No sound. Dantheman was nice enough to help me out with some patching in the Sound version. So it does work when generated with the sound version but there's still no sound. I confirmed my rom works using a windows emulator.

    I have no ideas left, picodrive doesn't run it for genesis, none of the snes emulators run it...why is this game so difficult?!

    Has anyone gotten this to run on the DS with sound? and if so, plz share.

    Thank you again,


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