Konami's Vita launch title AR Combat Digi Q: Friend Tank Batallionwill be a free download, with more level packs available for purchase, marking the first appearance of the freemium model on Sony's upcoming PSP successor.
Andriasang reports that the game's first five stages will be included in the download, with a pack of levels 6 to 30 costing ¥800 (£6.50), though that will be discounted to ¥500 for the first month of Vita's release. Packs containing stages 31 to 35, and 36 to 40, will each cost ¥200 (£1.60).
In October, SCEA's Chris Norden revealed that Sony was happy for developers to release free-to-play games, saying: "You are free to explore whatever business model you want." SCEE president and CEO Jim Ryan had previously told us the company was trying to differentiate Vita's gaming experience from that available on smartphones.
"I think there are lots of places for consumers to enjoy that sort of content," he said. "Vita is positioned at a slightly different market - the high-end gaming experience."