how about not digging through topics looking for things to twist around. WE OWN THIS SITE, WE MADE THE TERMS OF USE RULES, AND WE WILL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO.
I do not dig through topics bur I consider politics to be my arena. I did not say you weren't the founder, or that you weren't the leader, I simply questioned whattriggered the warez rule, not the rule itself or your right to make rules. But you know what nvm.. I respect your right to lay down the law I just questioned the pretense for it all. Okay we should get the respect part clear, you are the supreme leader. I was just curious.

oh yeah i dont like bush and probably never will i find it embarrising how people say you let down your country im almost wtfed by this screw my president u think he represents america? i think the america is the land of freedom not war loving freaks with nukes pshht! how would YOU feel when you have to walk own your street and then you got some crazy americans wanting to take your oil, or just because you have a beard they shoot you i hate u ignorant sobs and saying blah blah theryre so bad blah blah seriously you think that in YOUR ignorance is that you know everything about the world, you had no idea america was having problems BEFORE september 11 you have NO IDEA of how people suffer because theyre a color or a race youre an ignorant fool and you are like 80%
do you know how people suffer because of skin color? Have you ever been spraid by a hoes? Had a cross burnt on your yard? Had every senator in the south except 3 sign papers stating their goals to uphold injustice? America is the land of freedom not anarchy, you will obey the president, the acting president, and anyone close. If you don't like him you are welcome to fire the cannon balls at fort sumner.. I know plenty about the World and if you bring up youre country I'll know of its racism withe a second. I should also state as an opponent of Great Britain's race policies and discrimination withen its empire that they were the original theives of Iraqi oil. After that came a few dictators ending with Saddam. If there oil was everything our prices would be lower. The fact of the matter is they will have to reimberse us for all the things and loans that have occured. If the civilians were hurt its due to them not outing the terrorists to leave their neighborhoods. The point of them staying is to make them human shields.
if the president shot your grandma... then $#@!d your dog... should you respect him/her?
That really reallly depends on why. That would be like having gripes with Jimmy Carter because William Tolbert was assasinated..

to the person who calls the teen's arrest silly im just gonna say its a federal offense to make those remarks. its not like with Hitler when he was put away for a few months and wrote a book, you could face life or worse. why say you will shoot bush if your not serious? then i guess none of her other points are serious.