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Thread: PSP Galaxy Issue #15 Released

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    psp PSP Galaxy Issue #15 Released

    Some things just refuse to die. PSP Galaxy, sponsored by, is one of those things. Now, your favourite magazine is back with an abundance of cool stuff, including:

    -Preview of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories!
    -Review Blowout! Gangs of London, Guilty Gear Judgment, Ridge Racers 2, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, WTF: Work Time Fun, Bounty Hounds, Bomberman and Open Season.
    -Movie Review of DOA: Dead or Alive!
    -All-new free comic!
    -The latest news, and the best columns, including Prime's Rant, MVPVJ: Mof vs. Prime vs. Jebus, Cooking with Mof and Movie Watch.
    -A chance to show off your design skills and win big with Wrapstar!

    We also welcome our new graphic designer this issue, Evilution, who we think has done a spectacular job so far! So please, kindly eat up and enjoy this latest Issue #15 of PSP Galaxy!


    To download: Right click and choose save as. If you get, simply unzip it. If you get index.php then rename it to a zip. Or choose file, save as in your browser.

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    had to remove graphic, 193kb would kill the site for many dialup users. thanks for the news

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    Sorry, I'll remember for next time.

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