Hi all,

I have been hard at work and finally I have got to a point where I can release the next version of Shinobi! Here is what version 0.2 includes:-

-Ability to kill enemies
-Scrolling Backgrounds
-New Shurikens
-Jumping Animation
-Jumping Sound Effect
-Pause Menu
-Flashing "Press Start"
-Splash Screen/Intro Screens Fade In/Out
-RPG Style Fighting
-Credits screen in menu
-Controls screen in menu (not changeable - just to see what buttons to press )
-New Menu
-New Eboot Icon & Background Made by me
-Tutorial Level
-Finally, last but not least a longer level

A lot of changes there for you to enjoy

Hope you like it!

NOTE:- Everyone has been credited in the credits screen in the main menu of the game.

Download and give feedback via comments